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The verdict on UKAPW

Surveys have disappeared from the UKAPW, but I captured this April 2010(??) survey:
Website survey: where did that go?
That's 3 / 10 on appearance, at best

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Standards and regulation

Actuaries: we can do better

Many believe the UK Actuarial Profession's website (UKAPW) needs significant work. This is my contribution. myFIA includes:

World class member support: the presidential target

Ronnie Bowie's Faculty Presidential address The world needs actuaries stated: "... the UK Profession will strive to become a world class member support organisation, supporting our members so that it is as easy as possible for them to continually develop and enhance their skills to meet each new challenge." The UKAPW should support this aim.

Selling the actuarial profession short

We have a problem: despite several redesigns, the UKAPW fails to reach basic standards of transparency and ease of use.
The site issues potentially affect:

The UKAPW site does not live up to the "world class support" aim, especially contrasted with (e.g.) the SOA sitesee our SOA review

But it's within our capabilities to fix it – fast. If we don't why should anyone believe we can tackle the harder problem of making financial sense of the future? How can we fix the site?

My doorway to the UKAPW

The left hand column has the UKAPW functionality and links I use regularly. Immediately below are my favourite external actuarial links.

Next steps: 3 ways forward for myFIA

The more important thing is "what's next for the UKAPW?" Read more ...