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Here are a few pages which don't fall under the three main areas of this site. These pages are also all listed under the "about / contact / plus" part of the horizontal menu.

Any more plans for non-core content?

I will probably incorporate more "favourite" links, especially in the risk management field; regrettably the actuarial contribution to proposition/product development has withered.

Taking the ERM thought further, I hope to produce some material on ERM which genuinely takes it beyond the traditional risk management approach. While in theory going beyond the traditional approach is the promise of ERM, in practice it is still too linked to capital and 1 in 200 scenarios i.e. relatively extreme downside risk. I hope to present some interesting material fit for this millennium rather than the last.

To a large extent this will be a collation of what I regard as the best risk management material, plus a few thoughts of my own. The approach will be the same as John Norstad took to finance.

The John Norstad approach

Every once in a while I write something about what I'm learning and add it to this web page. I learn best when I write up what I'm learning as if I were trying to explain it to someone else.

These are really private notes that I wrote for my own benefit as a student, but because I have no shame, I am making them available to anyone else who might be interested here on my web site.

Perhaps nobody will be interested, but that's OK. The discipline of writing up formal papers about these topics is an enormous aid in helping me learn the material, and that's the point of the exercise.