About myFIA

I have found it difficult to make effective use of the UKAPW: talking to fellow actuaries suggests I am not alone in this. When I identified and emailed issues to the UKAPW webmaster I got little response; corrections took months to implement, if they were made at all. So I wrote myFIA in my spare time.

Through the links and functionality on the myFIA home page I have achieved some improvement for me. That leaves two problems.

[1] The UKAPW site is still painful for me to use

To an extent I can ignore the UKAPW's disastrous sitemap and the corresponding navigation. What's impossible to ignore, however, are the bad links – especially when I cannot track down the correct links. Material is also too hard to find e.g. past conference papers.

[2] UKAPW will hurt you more than it will hurt me

As they (e.g.) search for the 2009 life convention papers, most actuaries will look on in envy at the highly functional and easy-to-use Society of Actuaries website So, you'll miss out on easy access to what should be core UKAPW functionality.

What can be done?

myFIA has expanded to show what more is possible with just a little effort from just one actuary in his spare time. The UKAPW could be so much more. It could bring credit to the Profession and increased value to its members. The various parts of the Profession – including its members – can do this together.

So please ...

Consider the next steps for myFIA If you are in agreement with my views (or not!) please contact me – especially if you have ideas on how to influence the development of the UKAPW.