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Email contact

You can contact me at If you do email me, please make it clear how you would like me to respond. You might copy the text below into your e-mail, then delete all items that do not apply.

Copy and paste this

  • Don't respond and don't keep my e-mail address.
  • Reply to my comment but then don't keep my e-mail address. Don't follow up.
  • Keep my e-mail address and use it only to:
    • notify me of developments regarding the point(s) I have raised;
    • notify me of general myFIA developments;
    • notify me of progress on your other webventures;
    • notify me of your risk management updates;
    • ask me if I would like to participate in surveys regarding UKAPW;
    • suggest a meeting or call to exchange ideas.

Alternative contact method

You can also contact and link to me at my Linkedin page – there's a limit on the message length. You can also find out a little more on the about Andrew Howe page.

Better feedback

You can be more helpful still. Specifically:
  • Help influence the positive development of UKAPW – even if it's "just" lobbying.
  • Tell me what parts of my UKAPW critique you agree with, and which parts you don't.
  • Fill in the tables below.

In due course I may include a "feedback form" – it just seems over the top currently.

Validity of the myFIA critique
AreaValidity of myFIA critiqueQuality of the UKAPW
Home page [x] / 10 + comment [x] / 10 + comment
Bad links [x] / 10 + comment [x] / 10 + comment
Content [x] / 10 + comment [x] / 10 + comment
Functionality [x] / 10 + comment [x] / 10 + comment
Layout [x] / 10 + comment [x] / 10 + comment
Navigation [x] / 10 + comment [x] / 10 + comment
Sitemap [x] / 10 + comment [x] / 10 + comment
Sorting it out [x] / 10 + comment [x] / 10 + comment
Quality of myFIA's "positive alternatives"
AreaHow do you rate the alternative page?
Home page [x] / 10 + comment
Practice areas [x] / 10 + comment
Enterprise Risk Management [x] / 10 + comment
Sitemap [x] / 10 + comment
Quality of myFIA's "case studies"
AreaHow much did the site impress you?
AIRMIC [x] / 10 + comment
Bank of England [x] / 10 + comment
Society of Actuaries [x] / 10 + comment
QFinance [x] / 10 + comment

I'm looking for what you think of the websites, not what you think of my assessment of them.