What next for myFIA?

That depends on the response by others to this site. This page sets out three possible routes forward for myFIA: sufficient interest may generate myFIA updates. I briefly cover other planned webventures.

myFIA: 3 ways forward

My first step will be to take some soundings from a few actuaries whose judgement I respect. Depending on their response, I will take the issues to the President.

Why go to the top? This is too big a problem to be left with website technicians; issues highlighted with UKAPW can take months to resolve and often queries remain unacknowledged.

There are three ways forward, depending on responses from the Profession and actuaries.

[1] The double positive

I hope that actuaries agree with the critique within this site. If this is the case I hope the Profession will respond positively; there is ample evidence that actuaries think the UKAPW could be significantly improved e.g. the survey on the myFIA home page

The best possible outcome for me is that the UKAPW gets thoroughly revamped, perhaps along the lines of the Society of Actuaries website – see the SOA case study This would be less work for me and a great outcome.

As outlined on the myFIA home page my hope is that this site and sympathetic members can then play some role in the material improvement of the UKAPW. Possibilities include:
  • Better collaboration through forums; many UKAPW forums seem to be nigh empty.
  • Implementation of simple "report a bad link" functionality.
  • Member-written content e.g. doorway pages. Users could vote for the best.

[2] One out of two

This is the situation where a good range of actuaries like the site, but there is no movement from the Profession. If they both agree with the critique and would use the "doorway" concept I may invite them to become more involved. We might be able to progress the points in the bullets above. I am confident that 5-10 actuaries with an appropriate range of experience could provide a better website than UKAPW, including the important aspect of content.

[3] It's just me

That would be a little disappointing, but myFIA would continue to function as my doorway to UKAPW and perhaps contribute to the development of some of my other webventures – this has been a big driver for me. It's been useful to tighten up my ideas of effective website development.

Other webventures

[3.1] Enterprise risk management

ERM is becoming a focus for the profession. It is claimed that actuaries are natural risk managers and risk management adds significant value. The site will examine the nature of risk management, the claims being made for it and how it might really add value. In the meantime take a look at Managing the invisible and the risk management experts to the right.

[3.2] Personal debt management

Unless you've been living under a stone you'll have noticed that the UK has a significant debt problem, at both the government and individual/family level. Years ago I was involved with Tonbridge Debt Advice Centre, working through Tonbridge Baptist Church (the church at which I'm a member). Given that I'm an actuary, it won't surprise you to learn that I wrote the initial spreadsheet for the debt calculations!

TDAC helped hundreds of people. That venture has grown to become West Kent Debt Advice WKDA is supported by a partnership of churches across West Kent in order to serve the whole community regardless of race, belief or gender. It's free and unbiased.

My personal debt webventure will aim to:
  • Be centred on the concept of intelligent laymen helping others: a "buddy" system.
  • Feed into the "big" organisations under "other external links" to the right.
  • Put debt calculations online – the same methodology signed off by the banks.
  • Give free information – not financial advice of course.
  • Enhance people's control and confidence over the "get out of debt" process.

Now that's something worth working for.