Positive alternatives to the UKAPW approach

Rather than just offer constructive criticism myFIA offers two forms of positive alternative:
  1. Four case studies showing websites that have adopted good practices and
  2. Four "proof of concept" pages – covered here – give example implementations

[1] External demonstration: four case studies

We look at four financial websites as case studies, comparing them to the UKAPW in terms of content, layout, navigation and functionality. Can the Profession learn from these sites?

We find consistent patterns of how these sites implement key features of a website. All are superior to UKAPW in many respects. We can learn much from these sites.

[2] Internal demonstration: four "proof of concept" pages

I wanted to do more than criticise. More than point out that others had written sites better than the UKAPW and that standard approaches to website development were becoming clear.

I also wanted to show that it's not hard to implement the suggested solutions. So I did it myself, in my spare time, with limited resources and no budget. The result: four pages that illustrate a radically different approach. This is scalable; 75% of the time was spent setting up a robust layout and style. myFIA could easily be extended to a 1000-page site.

[2.1] Home

My positive alternative home page unashamedly mirrors the Society of Actuaries:
  • Column 1: site functionality
  • Column 2: main content
  • Column 3: addtional navigation, related content and links

The pages below also use this approach, with the exception of the sitemap. I have placed much less emphasis on what the site looks like and more on clarity of purpose and ease of use.

[2.2] Practice areas

The UKAPW has 10 main areas, each having a "landing page". Our Practice Areas landing page is the top level page for one of these areas, summarising the various practice areas. It follows the principles set down in [2.1] above. The content could no doubt be improved upon: it's the approach that matters.

[2.3] Enterprise Risk Management

ERM is a main practice area and a key focus for the profession. Our ERM landing page offers a alternative page for a single practice area. The layout is consistent with the previous pages.

[2.4] Sitemap

Following the myFIA critique of the UKAPW sitemap we provide a positive alternative sitemap There is a small compromise; to get a consistent appearance between the sitemap and the horizontal navigation we drop the first "functionality" column. But that shouldn't confuse.