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Practice areas

Actuaries work in a number of practice areas, including enterprise risk management, financial and investment management, general insurance, health and care, life insurance and pensions.

In some of these areas (e.g. life insurance) actuaries have been employed for over a hundred years. In contrast, fields such as enterprise risk management are relatively new and the actuarial contribution is developing.

Practice-based conferences

The profession runs a number of annual conferences, supporting members who work in the main practice areas, or those who aspire to do so. Conferences include:

Past conferences

1974-2010 General insurance (GIRO) conferences

We hope to add more to this list (e.g. for other practice areas) in due course.

Practice executive committees

Each practice area is supported by an executive committee which:
  • oversees the development of knowledge in its area
  • takes forward a programme of practice-specific research and
  • provides members with CPD opportunities
The committees also foster a sense of community among actuaries practising in their field.

Community areas

The main community areas are listed in the "related links" to the right. The role of the communities is to enable members to interact electronically, to be able to contribute to discussion threads on general and practice-specific topics and share knowledge and information.

Working in the traditional and wider fields

The list of finance and investment mentors comprises senior people in the finance and investment field who have indicated a willingness to act as a mentor for members currently working in more traditional areas, but who are thinking of following a similar path.

The intention is to expand the list of mentors to other fields in due course. Those seeking career advice on working in life, pensions, general insurance, ERM or health and care can email or alternatively call +44 (0)1865 26826.