An alternative sitemap

This sitemap does everything the UKAPW sitemap does, and more. Unlike the UKAPW sitemap, the default view is "show all" but this can be changed to show just one area, or any preferred areas; all the headings are clickable and show/hide their contents. This is easier to see and play with than explain!
The "show/hide" functionality requires Javascript to be enabled (the usual default setting). If Javascript is disabled you'll always have "view all". There is a separate myFIA sitemap

Extra functionality

Every heading and sub-heading of the sitemap below ("Students", "Education and exams" etc) is clickable and will show/hide items on a "toggle" basis.

Don't forget to "page down" to see the results.

Show just one area (c.f. the UKAPW) by clicking a link below

Other options

Other sites implement similar sitemap functionality – see the Money Advice Centre sitemap

[1] Be an actuary

[1.1] How to become an actuary

[1.2] Actuarial exams and qualifications

[1.3] Meet us

[2] Students

[2.1] Education and exams

[2.2] Exams: subject by subject

[2.3] Additional exam material

[2.4] Exam administration

[2.5] Exemptions from exams

[3] Members

[3.1] Member administration

[3.2] Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

[3.3] Member benefits, responsibilities and opportunities

[3.4] Member interest groups (MIGs)

[3.5] Topical MIGs

[4] Practice areas

[4.1] Enterprise risk management (ERM)

[4.2] Finance and investment

[4.3] General insurance [Abbreviations: WP = working party, comm = committee]

[4.4] Health and care

[4.5] Life insurance

[4.6] Pensions

[5] Research

[5.1] Research and resources

[5.2] Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI)

[5.3] Miscellaneous research material

[6] Communities

[6.1] Subject area related communities

[6.2] Other communities

[7] Events

[7.1] Event calendar

[7.2] Events in 2011

[8] Regulation

[8.1] Professional standards

[8.2] When things go wrong

[9] About us

[9.1] About the profession